Jumping Jack Flash

Got the propane tank “fully” mounted tonight.  I say fully mounted because when I put the tank on the bolts Sunday it seemed a little wobbly.  Wobbly like it could shear off the bolts while driving down some washboard forest service road.  Explosion, wildfire, bad.  So I added a couple of pieces of aluminum stock to the ends of the tank and attached them to the van body.  This shored up the tank real nice.  Now I’ve got to run propane lines.

Is the safe?  DOT approved?  Was Mick singing about propane?


3 thoughts on “Jumping Jack Flash

  1. Wow, this is about one of the dodgiest things I’ve ever heard about. Though I think when Mythbusters shot at a propane tank, it didn’t do anything but spray LP everywhere. Of course a few good sparks from dragging down FR 75 or wherever you are could make things interesting.

  2. A month in NZ and he’s saying “dodgy” instead of “sketchy.” We probably won’t be able to understand him by Christmas.

  3. Nothing doggy about my setup mate! That tank is DOT approved to mount under a van. Just don’t know about the installer. I don’t think the tank will fall off, just hope my gas lines and fittings are as solid as the tank mounts.

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