Critical component

There’s not much better than going into a country store, grabbing a long neck Ale 8 and popping the top off with the help of the fixed bottle opener as you go out the door.

Tonight we installed the best addition to the van to date.  Jill picked up this beauty at the factory store in Winchester.  We might run out of Ale 8, but we’ll always have this little reminder of Central KY ready to help open a cold beverage.


3 thoughts on “Critical component

  1. Ale 8….oh sweet nectar…and did you say there is an Ale 8 factory store? How far out of the way when I come down to run in the Gorge?

  2. Not far at all! Right off the I-64 in beautiful Winchester, KY.
    You’d take the first Winchester exit (96 I think?) go to light, take a left, and take another quick left and you’ll dead end into Ale 8 land. Google them up for store hours, etc.
    We are going to be in Cincy in a couple of weeks for a wedding. I guess we could bring you some. Hey wait, is that bootleggin’? Eric’s already trying to get us to send him some bourbon. As if he can’t find anything else to drink in NZ. Hey maybe this is how we’ll make gas money for the van. Hummmm……

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