Yeah its a rat’s nest. Finished the wiring last weekend. All went pretty well. Other than wiring my battery separator backwards on the first go things went pretty well. Everything powered up, sputtered to life, and the van even started! Of course I’ve got to move a few things around due to the fact that the battery separator gets pretty hot. They tell me thats normal. Fair enough, I just don’t want to burn down the rig. At any rate it is a minor change in the grand scheme of things. The best feature of all this is the charger inlet on the side of the van. A quick and easy solution for shore power. Ya’ll become very familiar with this when we roll up to your crib and ask to plug in.  Holes! I need holes!


One thought on “Wired

  1. You’re welcome to pull up to our house and plug in anytime you want. Just remember your power converter and plug adapter.

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