Team Trash

Speaking for myself, and I bet my mom would agree, holidays became way better with the discovery of 5K and 10K foot races I’m not really much of a hot dogs and fireworks gal and binging on Turkey…I can take it or leave it. Much like last year, this Independence Day was celebrated with the Bluegrass 10,000. Cool temps and rain made for a pleasant summer run.

Props to Momma Peg…who turned in a time of 1 hour and 23 minutes, before she jetted off to the mall for an afternoon of shopping and then a long drive home to the hills. I spent the remainder of the day on the couch thinking this is what a wrung out sponge must feel like. Perhaps I need to adopt erratic sleep habits and regular trips to Dairy Queen. Go Mom!

Last year, local sports’ anchor and squirrely pal, Kent Spencer conspired with Steve to put me in the sports’ segment of the 6 o’clock news…in slo mo…in running clothes. They should be eternally grateful that I don’t get all fuzzed up about such things. This year Kent had Steve crossing the finish line as the ‘play of the day’. Steve also turned in a better time than Kent, ending weeks of newsroom smack about who would be the speediest WTVQer. Whatever boys…

For the photo below Charles Bertram caught us with Momma Peg in our pre-race rain gear

Photo Credit: Charles Bertram, Lexington Herald-Leader


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