Yeah I got a 1 ton Chevy van up on blocks in my driveway….what’s it to ya?

Trying to keep in touch with my southern roots, I put the van up on blocks this week.  More out of necessity to level the beast than to annoy the neighbors.  I’ve moved into the kitchen construction phase of things.  In order for the 3-way fridge to work it has to be level, at least that is what the instructions say.  Now I doubt we’ll ever camp in a ‘level’ patch of BLM land, national forest, state park or Wal Mart parking lot, but I figured I better try to get the kitchen cabinets as close to level and square as I can.  Van construction is progressing, the end is in sight, there are still a million things left to do.  Check out the Van Construction page for some photos of me running a back yard chop shop that would get Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane all fuzzed up in no time flat.


4 thoughts on “Jacked

  1. Ryan and I used “levelers” on our trip. I think he got them off of the “gowesty.com” website. Yellow triangular shaped things. Way more “free spirited j’oi de vie” of course and less so “yard honkytonk”.
    They worked wonders. We only used 2 and found that to be sufficient for most locations. 🙂

    Oooh! I’m so excited for all your progress and your trip reports. Vicarious living, much?

  2. Yeah I’ve seen those things before. Much easier than driving up on a some stack of cut up 2x4s or cinder blocks. Every RV catalog has them and I sort thought of them as more junk you really don’t need (RV catalogs are full of stuff like that….sorta like wedding, kid product, and climbing industries). But if they were good enough for you and Ryan than we’ll look at some for sure!

  3. His shirt came off today…adding a shimmering white glow to our southern, backyard scene. Steve is a fit fella and everyone knows I’m opposed to tanning but well…it is like Ty Pennington and Larry the Cable Gay sorta morphed into one.

  4. Ummm….Larry the Cable Guy?!? That guy is way bigger than me and not funny at all. I’m more Ernest P Worrell; skinny, funny, and from Kentucky.

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