Attention to Detail

Its something I pride myself on. Those minute details that are often overlooked drive me crazy unless they are done just right. Its those details that make projects waaaaay harder than they should be, at least for me. This van project is no different. My DIY willingness coupled with my OCD ATD can turn a perfectly pleasant project, like a van conversion, into a living nightmare.

Now I knew all about my attention to detail addiction when we set out on this project. Jill knew she would have to ‘talk me off the ledge’ at least twice a week, its probably been more like three times a week. Never the less we push on with a DIY cargo van conversion. I equate it to my car stereo days. Anyone can blank check their way to the finals of an autosound competion, but not everyone can do it themselves. Same with vans. Pony up to a VW Eurovan, or get the satisfaction of building your own home on wheels. So how much money do we have in our checking account?

Well I’m about thigh deep into this whole thing and its coming along quite nicely. I’ve had to let go of a little of that ATD, but overall I’m happy with the way things are turning out. I’m ready to get on the road, but we still have A LOT of stuff to do. I’d better get busy, I better not sweat the details, I better get the van done. Guess its kinda like life, if you get to bogged down in the details you miss all the cool stuff going on around you.


4 thoughts on “Attention to Detail

  1. If you can sit up in the back you’ve made too much room. Just raise the bedding higher for more underneath storage. If you aren’t suffering you aren’t really road tripping!

    Looking sweet though! We are jealous!

  2. Yeah, I’m late to the party. Thanks Jeff and Facebook for pointing me to you and Jill. Sorry to comment on such an old post, but I had to since you mentioned the car stereo days. Fun times, fun times. I still have the 12″ Pioneer free-air sub you and Adam bought me. The Cougar still has the baffle board in it. Also, I can’t help but get nostalgic when I see an old, gray Mustang hatchbatch. I think, “I bet the stereo in that car sucks compared to what Steve had.”

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