Steve and I decided to make this whole hippy-nomad trip a reality in Jan 08. That is what a Mountain State micro brew soaked back country ski birthday trip will do for you. Anyway without even really thinking about it, we have avoided talking about where we will go first and have talked little about where we will go at all.  However we both know our destinations- that list, that isn’t a list at all, we have hammered out on every trip throughout the past decade of traveling and climbing together. Undoubtedly we could win some sort of honeymooner geography bee quiz show.

So where should we go first? The biggest planning limitation is we don’t exactly know when we will get on the road. The van must be completed and the house sold. We hope to wrap it all up soon after Labor Day. Then we have to consider weather both for our rolling home and our outdoor pursuits.


4 thoughts on “Mapquest

  1. Excellent cross-country skiing around Big Rapids, Michigan. And I know of a house you can unwind at, in fact, you can even buy it off me! (Or would that defeat the purpose of going “A-Team” in the first place?)

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