Slo Mo

Patience is a virtue. I’m not sure what that means. In our case patience is bitter sweet. Lately much of our would be van time has been replaced with top-notch family and friend time. Good times..toasting newlyweds and kissing boo boos…neither of us can stop quoting our two year old nephew. And of course there is Steve’s training for this 3rd Highland Sky. While I’m proud of him, that much time spent training gets old. Steve’s miles became more interesting last week when he was bitten by a fellow runner of the canine persuasion. Through all of this there is a bit of van progress to report. The floor is insulated and particle board is cut but not yet bolted down. New van seats arrived last week and swivel bases are ordered. Now for the pics…how might one rotate these? Anyone? Anyone


9 thoughts on “Slo Mo

  1. Not sure how to do anything on that fancy MacBook you’ve got but you should be able to rotate ’em before you upload. Also not sure I’ve ever seen Jill in a dress or Steve in a tie. And if Steve’s miles of training are getting old, get some miles of your own (I know, I know, legs hurt, injury blah blah blah). And once I have no job Steve and I will get that van together in no time (14 work days to go).

  2. They are right side up in our picture files and only get turned after I upload them to wordpress. I can’t figure out anyway to rotate them on the blog. Thanks anyway. No injuries….and plans to keep it that way.

  3. Sarah, really, I do wash the mud and rope dirt off occasionally. I wore a dress to your right wing political rally -oh I mean wedding.

  4. Finally….I figured out how to rotate the pictures. The MAC was to blame…the MAC is creepy…it somehow shows pictures as rotated when they really aren’t…spooky!

  5. Van?
    Rock the hell on!

    I wanna see shag carpet, some glitter paint, a CB radio, mood lighting, Zed Zeppelin posters, pillows, running boards, fender flares, a picture of Mr.T and I guess thats about all. Oh, side pipe exhaust and go ahead and jack the back end up slightly. Maybe some extra fog lights up front.

    And a microwave.

    And a roof rack.

    Could you call your van “Flash” please?

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