Do a Little Dance

Steve and I love to dance. Not in a ballroom or honky tonk, we dance at our dinner table. We dance around the question of what to do next with our lives. We’re slow to settle on the same tune, often we each switch songs in the middle of our dance. Once in a while we find ourselves bopping to the same tune and when we do…things happen.

The latest happening finds us buying a van which Steve will convert into some sort of RV, cleaning out and preparing to sell our home of 6 years, giggling about quitting our jobs and anticipating at least a year of North American travel, reunions with old friends, climbing, trail running and a bit of environmental activism.

Dance PartnersBig Van! Big Beard!


2 thoughts on “Do a Little Dance

  1. Jill, we are oh-so-familiar with that dance. As you know, Eric and I have been dancing for at least a year now. I’m still amazed that the two of us are actually in sync now. You’re so right — when that finally happens, amazing adventures begin.

    Congratulations on your new home! We need to have a van-warming party!


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